The Flowing Path

The Flowing Path Archive

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How to access The Flowing Path Archive

All you have to do is to install the Tor Browser (in case you don't have it) and open this link there.

The website and the files are self-hosted, which means it will work only if my computer is on and DarkMX is running in the background. For this reason, I always try to avoid turning off my computer, unless it's really necessary, but it can happen. Therefore, be aware that if you are trying to open it, but without success, probably my computer is off. However, the Archive will be running properly again as soon as possible.

What will you find there?

I love sorting and organizing my files, so I think it'll be pretty easy to find everything you need. Also, I added .ZIP files containing everything for many folders, so that you don't need to download them one by one.

Downloading through a Download Manager

Using a Download Manager is always very convenient and I suggest you doing so. In order to download files from Tor through it, you can try the following:

  1. Go to Network Settings/Proxy Settings and find the SOCKS5 options.
  2. Enter in the Adress field.
  3. Enter 9150 in the Port field.

I think it's the same to almost all Download Managers.

What is DarkMX?

I've been looking for a way to share huge amounts of data in a free and reliable way for a long time. Telegram seemed to be the only viable option, but it can be not very convenient for a couple of reasons:

With DarkMX, a descentralized communication application, you can avoid some of the problems mentioned. It's possible to easily and anonymously generate a simple and personalizable website, just like this website's Archive, through which you can self-host and share whole folders. The website will be available to everyone with Tor Browser installed, as long as you keep DarkMX running on your computer. Besides this, the application offers more features, like the possibility to create a contact list and share files/send messages to your friends. DarkMX is available on Linux and Windows.

How to use DarkMX?

Generating your own website with DarkMX is very simple.

  1. Go to "Library" and add the folders you would like to share. Right-click the folders you just added and select the file types that should be shared. In case you want to make absolutely everything that is inside the folder available, select all the options.

  2. Click on the "Contacts" icon next to the Settings. A sidebar will open on the right side. If you want the application to start automatically when you turn on your machine, click on the "Contacts" icon again and enable the Auto-Startup option.
  3. Click on your username on the top of the sidebar located on the right side. Go to Web Access and enable the "On" option. Now click on "Users" and add "Guests" to the list. Be sure the option "Share" is enabled for the Guests.
  4. Now it's time to personalize your website. Click on your username again and go to "Information". On this tab, you can add what you want people to see, like some images and some lines of text. The personalization possibilities are very limited yet, since the software is very new, but it's enough.
  5. Everything is ready. Now you just need to get your website's link. Click on your username, go to Web Access and then Copy Web Link. This is the link that has to be used on Tor to open your page.

  6. P.S.: If you changed anything in the shared folders, go to "Library" and click on Refresh in order to apply the modifications on the website.